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Keynote Address at the 2022 Hawai‘i Executive Conference

30th September 2022

About the Course

Linda Cruse gave a keynote at the annual 2022 Hawai‘i Executive Conference, where leaders came together to gain insights from experts, identify opportunities for alignment, and create shared actions to address critical local and global issues. The keynote session, entitled 'The Race4Good - how students and corporates are solving the worlds problems' focused on Race4Good, and how the program harnesses the best and brightest brains to solve the world’s most critical social and environmental problems. Based on the work and insights of Linda Cruse, veteran frontline aid worker of 22 years, Race4Good is a highly competitive, fast paced, fun competition, played in teams.

Race4Good is heroic, outspoken, disruptive and clearly focused on the comprehensive articulation of a burning issue and the powerful creation of a sustainable and innovative solution. The main judges are the local community and all winning solutions are implemented immediately. 'A hand up not a hand out'.

We focus and package all efforts around a single thought thread, getting down and dirty to solve the most complex problems. Helping us to be more aware of global issues, to be more collaborative and to become a heart-based race of human beings.

Real People Real Problems Real Change

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