Based on the Founding philosophy and the extensive invaluable experience with international schools and faculty networks, The Race4Good International Schools come with a vision to offer the highest quality education to students so that they can flourish and achieve their full potential intellectually, morally, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Prestigious British International Schools

The Race4Good International Schools are demand-driven, filling a gap in the current academic offerings, developing purposeful, respectful, global citizens, with the character, skills, understandings & personal attributes that enable individuals to be successful in their chosen occupations. 

Helping our partners to articulate a vision at an early stage of the project is a key milestone for us. The Race4Good International Schools Team comprises of international school leaders and teachers, with a collective experience of more than 100 years. 

Race4Good helps its partners steer the international school project from infancy to launch and, later, with its management. Race4Good schools are created to attract students with high potential, who are brought into an environment that challenges them to accelerate personal and professional development. The school prepares them to be future national / international leaders. The academic enrichment that sets us apart is our focus on leadership, social entrepreneurship and future employability.  

The Race4Good runs carefully and exclusively designed frontline experiences (online and in-country) for its International Schools. All students from our international schools are part of our extensive global network of students and have access to specialised programmes and resources. 

Students In Uniform

Character Education

Underpinned by the science of emotional intelligence and positive psychology, the Race4Good International Schools offer value-based education that nurtures hearts and minds, while building a sound academic base and character. It targets all round student development with a key focus on preparing students for life by building a positive character, resilience and the ability to experience both successes and failures. 

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Developing Global Citizens

With a truly global approach The Race4Good schools actively focuses on developing global understanding, empathy and compassion, to be a force to change the world through courageous action, uniting people and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

Discussion Between Students

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Courageous Leadership

An entrepreneurial mindset and courageous leadership is nurtured in our dynamic innovation lab where the students work on real life critical issues in challenged communities and environments, where successful sustainable solutions are implemented. Real People Real Problems Real Impact.

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Race4Good brings together the spirit of student ingenuity and emotional intelligence underpinned by these six core values: 

 High impact service 

 Deep global understanding 

 Extreme empathy 

 Tenacious inquisitiveness 

 Collaboration and competition 

 Diversity and inclusion  


National Curriculum of England and IB Schools


The curriculum educates students by analytical problem-solving and critical thinking rather than by teaching them to retain facts. One of the hallmarks of the UK system is the focus on developing a child’s entire personality, not just academic merit. Children are nurtured to expand their potential by exploring the world around them, taking responsibility for themselves, forming opinions, interpersonal relationships, and developing their bodies via sports and physical education.

Equipping them with future-ready skills, the structure of the Curriculum readily equips children with the talents required to handle uncertain futures, where they have to adapt quickly, be responsive to demands that haven’t been defined yet, utilising tools and technology that might be unheard of at this present moment.

This sort of environment will require highly independent and self-motivated workers, which the British schooling standard well prepares participants for. In addition to preparedness and critical thinking skills, the British standard also allows for a globalised way of thinking, with awareness of other cultures and schools of thinking.