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New FOBISIA inter-school event takes off during lockdown

Andy Homden looks at a competition for international schools that simply would not have happened without lockdown, and seems destined to grow quickly.

The January 2021 edition of International Teacher Magazine features a write-up of the FOBISIA Race4Good® Schools League, which took place across Asia in late 2020. Written by Andy Homden, CEO of Consilium Education and a former FOBISIA Head Teacher, Andy reflects on a competition that simply would not have happened without lockdown.

"I have never seen empathy – in its true sense – developed so quickly by any other process that did not involve a field trip. Over the five weeks of the online race, students clearly reflected on the questions asked by a panel of very experienced judges during a Dragons’ Den style session at the end of each round and became visibly more confident as their teamwork and leadership skills developed. This was first rate ‘learning by doing'."

—Andy Homden

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